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Use File Grabber to save any information about any file from anywhere in Windows Explorer into the clipboard formatted in any way you like. Never open a DOS window to execute a dir *.* > dir.lst command again. What's more, File Grabber allows you to save virtually any information about the files in any format you want!! Because File Clipboard allows you to save not just the path and name but comments, title, author, subject etc. as well as dates and size, you can make meaningful catalogs of any kind of file!! Create catalogs of music and videos, disks, zip disks, CD's and DVD's. Select Files Select files by selecting a directory or volume in the tree view in Windows Explorer or by selecting the files in the list view window. If you select a directory the Directory File Selection Window allows you to enter the criteria to select files from that directory and, if you want, all subdirectories. Select Fields and Information After specify the files specify what information should be included for each file in the File Information Window. These include the Volume and Path; the file attributes and the Summary Information Fields such as comments, subject, page count etc. Select Output Formats From the Format Entries Window specify how the output format in the clipboard. You can specify the separator character to be placed between each field (default: space), a header record identifying the fields including for each file and whether to make the volume, path, filename and file extension separate fields. File Grabber is part of the CAVU Software Productivity package, a set of utilities and shell extensions that expand your ability to manage the information on your computer. You will be able to install (and uninstall) all of the CAVU products. You can register or uninstall any of the programs. Half-price as part of the CAVU Productivity Package!

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